Mary F. (Brooklyn, NY)

“My husband and I have been living in Carroll Gardens for over 20 years.  We love the area and most of all we love the local businesses.  Like Court Express Car Service, most of them have here for as long as we have and they are all family owned and operated. Court Express has always been reliable and worthy of our loyalty. We call them anytime we need a car and they come rite away.  They even take us all the way to Connecticut where our daughter lives. I will always recommend them! Thanks Court Express!”

Elaine W. (Kamuela, HI)

“Took Court Express between Newark Airport and Park Slope in both directions. Drivers were on time, courteous, and efficient. Cars were clean and comfortable. Over-stuffed suitcases were handled carefully and cheerfully. Coming from Hawaii, I appreciated the online reservation service (6-hour time difference) and that they then called to confirm. An altogether pleasurable travel experience.”

Megan F. (Brooklyn, NY)

“Court Express is always on time, if not a few minutes early.  The drivers are courteous and I know I can count on them.  I’ve used this service early in the morning to get to LGA, as well as mid day, and I’ve never had to worry about them being later (and I am a paranoid person who always gets to the airport too early).  Thank you, Court Express, for making me a more relaxed traveler!”

Kim W. (Brooklyn, NY)

“Reliably on time, very good customer service, and they have online reservations!  I am always on my computer so the online reservations are a real perk for me.  They call you to confirm the details and price.  Very easy. Highly recommended!”

Heath R. (Brooklyn, NY)

“Returning from my week-long road trip early, early this morning, I took a car from the airport in Newark to my gf’s house instead of heading straight home. This morning, then, I needed a car to carry me and my heavy, heavy suitcase from Cobble Hill to Greenpoint.

We called Court Express.

The car came quickly, the driver was friendly — much better than our taxi driver from Newark last night — and he knew his way around Brooklyn extremely well. We shot down Atlantic, hit the BQE, and I was home in no time — for only $18, which is less than it costs me to get from Greenpoint to LGA these days.

I’d use Court Express again in a minute. Recommended!”

Karen S. (Honolulu, HI)

“Court Express is my car service of choice.  I have used them for every LGA flight. Drivers are discrete and efficient.  Fares are competitive and the online reservation is a real plus.

I recommend!”

Gil J. (Brooklyn, NY)

“I work by Wall St. and I live in Park Slope. At least 3 times a week I need Court Express to get me to work when I am running late. And they do it.  For over 4 years, they have been there for me before or after work.  When I am out with friends after work and had a few too many, they come pick me up. I have to say they have become part of my life and I wouldn’t recommend any other car service.  Call these guys, trust me, you won’t regret it!”

 Jonathan M. (New York, NY)

“I am happy to testify to the amazing service these guys offer! If you want a car service company who actually cares to treat you like a human, then call these guys. My mother lives in Carroll Gardens, whom I visit often. I call Court Express on the way back every time I visit.  They are ALWAYS on time, I mean ALWAYS!  It’s been almost 10 years that I have been calling them and they have never let me down. And my mother has been calling them even longer than I have.  I’m sure once in a while there are issues, like any business, but I have been lucky to say they treat me great! I very much recommend Court Express Car Service to EVERYONE!